Why You've Been Cutting Your Hair All Wrong! Read On To Know More

You start with a shampoo, pop into your stylist’s chair, cut your hair and blow dry your way out of there. What if, this isn’t the right way to cut your hair? Would you believe us? The best way to get a haircut that you are always going to be happy with is a dry cut. Let your stylist scissor through when your hair is in its natural texture. The way to your mane is a dry cut! Why You've Been Cutting Your Hair All Wrong! Read On To Know More 1. Faster Is Better This is much faster and more efficient. When your hair is wet it looks smoother and silkier so your hair cut falls better for that moment. Once you wash your hair the cut isn’t quite the same. To evade this mane scenario, go for a dry cut this will help you see how your haircut will fall naturally without a blow dry. This also helps set your locks better. 2. No Guesses With a dry cut the stylist can shape your hair better keeping your natural texture in mind. All you ladies with curly and wavy hair need to try this! This will revolutionize your look completely. 3. Healthier, Hell Yes When you shampoo and then cut hair, it’s prone to more breakage and damage. You have to detangle your hair which causes a lot of unwanted hair fall. With a dry cut you don’t have to worry about the damage. 4. Styling In a Minute When you take your salon appointment make sure you style your hair the way you usually do. The haircut you’ll get will be around your texture and style. The stylist will not really change your styling routine but just add or work around it. Now that you know why it's important to know how to cut your hair well, go to a salon that values your haircuts! Check out the importance of a good salon.
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