Winter Haircare Routine Every Girl Should Follow

Winter has finally arrived and we are already dreading how our winter hair is going to look. Much like our skin, our hair and scalp suffer a lot from the change in temperature. To retain the moisture in your hair, here are a few hair care tips to help you get through the winter. Winter Haircare Routine Every Girl Should Follow 1. Dry shampoos are in the season We all know that winters aren۪t for those long showers! Avoid washing your hair too much as along with the common cold you۪ll catch, your hair will dry out too. Limit yourself and use a dry shampoo instead. Your hair will be fresh and you won۪t freeze! Try the BBLUNTBack To Life Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness, to get rid of the grease and grime. 2. Give heat protecting sprays a try We tend to style our hair more often in the winter to avoid leaving the house with wet hair. At this point, using heat styling products is at its peak. It is recommended to use heat protecting products right before styling. Even while you۪re heat styling, try to set it at the lowest heat settings. Try the range of BBLUNT styling products to protect your hair from the heat and the weather. 3. Oil treatment To beat the humidity and to save ourselves from that unwanted texture that comes with it, we end up using all types of heat and hair styling products. This results in flaky scalps and unwanted attention towards it. In this case, moisturizing your scalp with olive oil is really important to nourish your dry scalp. 4. Use a smoothing cream Winters out here can tend to make your hair really frizzy. It۪s best to use a smoothing cream to not only to tame this frizz, but also to nourish your hair. This will keep your winter hair healthy. Say goodbye to the frizz with the BBLUNTClimate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream. 5. Trim often Your split ends can end up looking really dry and frizzy during the winters. Getting a regular trim at your preferred salon is very essential to keeping your hair look revitalized and healthy.
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