Workouts for Great Hair Days

Courtesy: Pinterest Want to get yourself in shape but post workout greasy hair is spoiling your exercise jam? No worries! We are here to make sure you look gorgeous as ever even after that gruesome sweaty workout. Read on for some tips to keep your mane in shape. Workouts for Great Hair Days 1. Start Caring Early Here’s a surprising pre workout tip for you. Use a dry shampoo before you work out. Yes, keep your mane clean before it gets greasy. This way the shampoo can prevent the excess sweat from spreading all over your locks. So spray and slay! 2. No Shampooing Post Workout Bewildering, isn’t it? But for a great hair day, don’t shampoo after your gym session as it may dry your hair and strip away all the natural oils from your scalp. Use a cleansing conditioner instead to do the job. And give the shampoo a rest. 3.  Quick Fix Solution Want to cover the last minute sweaty hair odour? Carry a hair refresher if you are on the go to freshen up your hair and make your tresses smell good, too. Isn’t that a handy trick? 4. Hair Dryers Up If you are really in a hurry, just use a hair dryer to refresh your hair and dry all the sweat. Concentrate the heat on the frizzy strands to easy the cluster and gain back the lost glow. Now it’s time to go hit the gym! Check out, How To Fix Your Hair After A Workout – Gia Says That.
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