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  • Kaolin Earth, Beeswax and Lanolin, gives a long-lasting hold
  • Provides incredible texture, flexible hold & an extreme matt finish
  • Specially created for Indian hair

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Want to buy a hair styling product that can easily transform your hair in seconds? Hmm, have you given hair clay a shot? Hair clay is the perfect hair styling product for everyday use. It gives your hair a matte hold and refreshes the hair strands to help lay out a fresh canvas that can be styled in multiple ways. Hair moulding clays are the perfect choice for anyone who dislikes shiny textures. If you too are on the hunt for a hair product that makes your hair look fuller and thicker, then this hair clay is for you. So, what’s stopping you? Make room in your hair vanity for the BBLUNT ItMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay. .

Hair Clay

Hair Wax


Hair clay gives your hair a medium hold with a natural finish. Hair wax gives your hair a medium hold with a hard finish. Pomade gives your hair a strong hold that lasts all day.
It is soft and dry. It can be hard and oily. It is hard and oily.
It gives a matte look to your hair. It gives a soft matte look to your hair. It gives a shiny look to your hair.
It is best-suited for hair that requires instant volume. It is best-suited on short to medium hair. It is best-suited for curly hair or even for styling pompadours.

Features of BBLUNT ItMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay

  • Provides texture:

    The BBLUNT clay for men adds a uniform texture to the hair, making it easy for styling.

  • Long-lasting hold :

    The BBLUNT hair clay doesn’t weigh down your hair and provides a long-lasting hold. Now, you can bid goodbye to frequent hair touch-ups.

  • Specially created for Indian hair:

    Pollution and hard water are the common reasons behind hair problems in India. The BBLUNT hair clay ticks all the right boxes and protects your hair from these damaging factors.

Key Ingredients

  • Kaolin Earth:

    Enriched with beneficial minerals, this ingredient refreshes limp hair. Unlike other ingredients, Kaolin Earth has a low pH value, which does not let your hair dry out.

  • Beeswax:

    It helps moisturize the hair strands and holds them in place to keep your freshly styled hair intact throughout the day. It even acts as a sealant and safeguards your hair from dirt and grime.

  • Lanolin:

    It contains conditioning properties that help you get manageable hair.

How to apply the BBLUNT ItMATTers Zero Shine Moulding Clay

  • Step 1:

    Take a coin size amount of hair clay in your palm

  • Step 2:

    Apply it on dry hair

  • Step 3:

    Use your fingertips to manipulate the hair and create the desired style

Hair Clay Styling tips

  • Always use it on dry hair:

    Hair clays work best on dry hair. So, remember to towel-dry your hair before styling it.

  • Blow-dry:

    Blow drying activates the hair clay to give you the perfect long-lasting hold.

  • Use the right brush:

    Hairbrushes play a huge role in shaping your hair. It aids the styling process and enables you to create innumerable hairstyles with ease.

  • A little goes a long way:

    Use a coin-size amount of hair clay and apply it evenly on your hair strands. Do not go overboard with the product.

  • Finish it off with a cool air blast:

    Once you are done styling, switch your blow dryer to the cool setting. This will lock your hairstyle and ensure that it doesn’t budge.

Trending Hairstyles

  • Classic Slicked-Back:

    Go simple, yet classy! Be a gentleman in the night or a dapper employee in the day, you just cannot go wrong with this look.

  • Textured Quiffs:

    Give your hair the edgy look it deserves! Style some quiffs using the BBLUNT hair clay and simply rock the town!

  • Front Flip:

    Try out the front flip hairstyle with the BBLUNT hair clay. This is the ‘good guy’ hairstyle that will surely steal you many hearts.

  • Modern Pompadour:

    Give your own twist to the 50's pompadour hairstyle. It is another classic that can be styled in just a few minutes using the BBLUNT hair clay for men.

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  • Is hair clay good for the hair?

    Yes, hair clay is good for the hair.

  • Can I use hair clay everyday?

    Yes, you can use hair clay everyday.

  • Does hair clay make your hair white?

    No, hair clay doesn’t make your hair white.

  • Does hair clay thicken hair?

    Yes, hair clay makes your hair look thicker and fuller but it does not boost its natural volume.

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