Are You Considering Hairdressing As Your Career Path?

It is common knowledge that established hairdressers are superstars in their own right! Creative, flexible, & financially rewarded, are some of the perks enjoyed by Super Star Stylists.

A personal commitment to career goals and the caliber of your qualification determine the range of opportunities available for you as a hairdresser.

Choosing to educate at BBLUNT will provide you with premium credentials on which you can build a great career.

Owning a salon, working with leading salon brands, becoming an integral part of the hair department in the film industry, designing looks for advertising and editorials in magazines, & the wider global fashion arena are all the career tracks our graduates have followed to success.

BBLUNT’s team of highly qualified educators has designed our Foundation Course to orient you in the best possible way with the fundamental techniques of our brand philosophy. You will then become the newest generation of qualified hair professionals able and confident to handle yourselves in a professional salon environment. The course will also help you to achieve creative and technical excellence.

The course is divided into five intense segments of five weeks each and covers all the key techniques that will deliver you onto the fast track for success in the hair industry. While the content, theory, and practice of each segment develop as you progress through our course, a few aspects remain constant: A BBLUNT educator will mentor and personally guide you through all theory and practical sessions; your progress is assessed with real-world assignments at regular intervals.

At the completion of each segment: A one on one appraisal to ensure your practical understanding and achievement of the BBLUNT education goals and standards. The course finishes with a theory and practical exam, followed by the Soiree & Graduation Ceremony. Your education team and your chosen guests will attend this special event where you will be required to work as a team with your classmates to produce all aspects of the finale. Your educators will guide & support you in theme identification, model selection, styling, make-up, wardrobe, and music.

Blood, Sweat, Shears – The BBLUNT Foundation Course requires commitment, practice, and hard work.

However, we guarantee that our encouragement, support, & training in the inspired industry-leading BBLUNT techniques, along with your dedication will help you graduate into the top ranks of Indian Hairdressing.

If making a mark in the hair industry as a professional is your aim, BBLUNT will provide you with the finest caliber and standard of training to get there.

Student Profile

The BBLUNT course does not require any prior formal experience except for your hard work and a passion for the hair profession.


Demonstration, Theory & Practical


Foundation Course Certificate of Participation
Our course modules comply with the International Standard certification requirements.


25 Weeks – 5 Days Per Week – 4 Hours Per Day
Timings: Morning Batch: 9am to 1pm | Afternoon Batch: 2pm to 6pm

Equipment Issued

A personal Tool Kit, which contains: A pair of Scissors, Brushes, Combs, Hair-dryer with a nozzle, & Section Clips. These are the essentials you will use for the duration of the course and keep as your first professional tool-kit after graduation.


Year Round

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