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Cut & Finish – Women & Men

BBLUNT mini is famous for precision & tailor-made haircuts…let us create the perfect shape for you.

  • Head Stylist
  • Rs. 1750
  • Advance Stylist
  • Rs. 1500
  • Stylist
  • Rs. 1000
  • Salon Stylist
  • Rs. 850
  • Graduate Stylist
  • Rs. 650

*Prices inclusive of consultation, shampoo, conditioning, blow dry, finish & taxes.

Technical – Women & Men


Add colour to compliment your tailor-made haircut.

Absolute Colour

  • Global Colour
  • from Rs. 3000
  •  Roots Re-growth Touch-Up
  • from Rs. 1150
  • Colour Enhancer
  • from Rs. 750

Creative Colour

Highlights / Lowlights

  • Half Head
  • from Rs. 2750
  • Full Head
  • from Rs. 4250
  • Panels
  • from Rs. 2700
  • Balayage
  • from Rs. 4500
  • Ombre
  • from Rs. 5500

*Colour Prices may vary based on Consultation & Stylist levels.

*Colour Correction Quotation on Consultation.


Choose from our texture services to tame your mane.

  • Perming
  • from Rs. 5300
  • Partial Hair Perm
  • from Rs. 2700
  • Straightening
  • from Rs. 6700
  • Partial Straightening
  • from Rs. 1700


ANTI-FRIZZ TREATMENTS : (Wherever available)


Cysteine Smoothening from Rs. 6000

QOD Max Prime from Rs. 5000

The One from Rs. 4500


*First Shampoo & Conditioning complimentary 48 hrs post a Straightening or Perm service.


*Prices are from & established on consultation. We recommend that all new clients come in

for a consultation prior to their first technical service appointment. Price inclusive of

consultation, strand & skin test as required, shampoo, conditioning, blow dry, finish & taxes.


Choose from our texture services to tame your mane.

  • Hair Up
  • from Rs. 2000
  • Flat Iron / Tonging
  • from Rs. 800
  • Roller Set
  • from Rs. 800
  • Blow-dry
  • from Rs. 650

*Price is established on consultation.

*Price is inclusive of consultation, shampoo, conditioning & taxes.


OLAPLEX (Wherever available)

Stand Alone Treatment  Rs.3500

Begin the process of preventing damage and repairing hair with this bond multiplying treatment. Restores compromised hair and provides ultimate breakage insurance.

Add-on with colour from Rs. 1000

Maintains the strength, structure, integrity of the hair that has been

exposed to chemical, thermal or mechanical processes.


BALMAIN (Wherever available)

Balmain Revitalizing Treatment from Rs. 1500

An intense replenishing treatment for dry, damaged and over processed hair.
Strengthens, rebuilds and repairs the hair from the inside. For deeply nourished
lustrous locks. Paraben and sulfate free. The revitalizing line is enriched with the best
quality ingredients to revitalize the hair from the inside.

Balmain Moisturizing Treatment from Rs. 1500

A highly nourishing service for natural or colored hair, enriched with pure organic
Argan oil. Revitalizes, protects and gives natural shine and elasticity. Parabeen free.
The Moisturizing Line is enriched with the finest ingredients to reach optimal results.
The UV-shields protect the hair against uv radiation and enhance color retention.
Provides long lasting colors to color-treated hair and gives the hair a brilliant shine.

Balmain Volume Treatment from Rs. 1500

A luxurious and lightweight daily line designed to add fabulous volume to thin and fine
hair. For shiny and perfectly styled hair. Paraben and sulphate free. The formula of the
volume line is especially designed to create ultra-voluminous hair. The formula leaves
the hair cuticles open, which gives extra volume to the hair. The volume line is free
from sulfates, which makes the hair light-weighted and full.

KERASTASE | VIP RITUALS (Wherever available)


  • Chronologiste Caviar Ritual (90 mins)
  • Rs. 4500

Kerastase reveals the secret of timeless splendor for hair exposed to daily aggressions – UV rays, pollution, incorrect styling. Chronologiste is a unique composition developed by L’Oreal Advance Research with the special revitalizing virtues of Caviar – the ultimate natural source of life. Experience ultra-luxury with Kerastase. Rejuvenate with the soothing gestures of the luxurious Chronologiste Ritual for all hair types.

Aura Botanica Natural Sensorial Ritual (90 mins) Rs. 4500


An ultra-sensorial Ritual using 97% natural-origin hair care for healthy glowing hair. Hair feels weightless with a natural touch and has 4X more shine.


Kera Therapy (90 mins) Rs. 4500


An exclusive heat activated protocol to compensate for the loss of keratin and reconstruct very damaged hair fibre resulting in 125% more hair resistance.


Scalp Therapy Rs. 3200


An advanced treatment enriched with Stemoxydine, Anti-Hair Loss Ritual with the power of Aminexil, Gently exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises dandruff- prone scalp & Relieves scalp from redness,itching, tingling or burning.


Experience Ritual (90 mins) Rs. 3200


A complete 5 step hair & scalp indulgence combining precise doses of advanced hair care formulations with the absolute well being of a unique therapeutic massage.


Express Ritual (45 mins) Rs. 2200


A comprehensive hair therapy for days when you are a little short on time. Express ritual gives your hair the vital attention it requires.


Gents Scalp Therapy (45 mins) Rs. 1500


Express Treatment against Thinning, Dandruff, Itchiness and Burning.


Add on Instant Conditioning Booster Dose (10 mins) Rs. 1000


Instant conditioning for your hair fibre. The perfect accompaniment during your regular

salon visits.


Add on Cure Micronizer (10 mins) Rs. 500

L’Oreal (Wherever available)

  • Spa (60 mins)
  • from Rs. 1500

A hair & scalp treatment with your well-being in mind – the L’Oreal Professional hair spa treats various hair and scalp conditions while providing a highly sensorial & relaxing experience.

Mythic Oil (Wherever available)

A legendary haircare range empowered with nature’s best kept & most powerful secret oils. The key to rich sensorial deep nourishment & magical shine – Mythic Oil is the ultimate beauty secret, waiting to be unblocked by you!

  • Mythic Smooth Magic Spa (45 mins)
  • from Rs. 1500

For think unruly / dry damaged hair / fine to normal hair.

  • Powerdose (10 mins)
  • from Rs. 250

A shot of instant & intense nourishment for your hair.

Hair Extensions (Where Available)

There is a hair extension for everyone! Whether you want to add length, volume or colour. Speak to your stylist for more details.

*Quotation on Consultation.





Express Treatment (60 mins) Rs. 1200

Adeep cleansing, purifying treatment, helps clear away blackheads and stubborn blocked pores. Preventing any future breakouts, leaving the skin feeling super clean, smooth and clear.


Microzone Treatment (20 mins) Rs. 1000

Microzone treatment is aquick-fix solution to brighten dull skin by intensely exfoliating surface dead skin.Visible results of a healthy skin are immediate, by using products packed with rich multivitamins, antioxidants and peptides which nourishes,protects and rejuvenates the skin.



Stress + Eye Lift (20 mins) Rs. 800

This high-performance cooling treatment is targeted to lift, brighten, energies and reduce puffiness around the eye area. The gentle exfoliation will give an even skin texture, the rejuvenating eye lift massage along with high performance ingredients from the serums and masque will ensure you have

Radiant eyes.


Rapid Eye Lift Skin Solver (10 mins) Rs. 500


A quick treatment for tired eyes to gently exfoliate, hydrate, smoothen fine lines whilst improving overall brightness and firmness.


Rapid Skin Solver Masque Treatment (10 mins) Rs. 500

A potent blend of active products with soothing benefits tohelpnourish and hydrate tired and stressedskin.




Anti-Pollution Treatment All Skin condition (60mins) Rs. 1500


A must have treatment for clients concerned with effects of pollution on skin.

This treatment provides triple action – adsorption along with physical and chemical exfoliation and removes harmful impurities built up from pollutants that lead to premature ageing and brown spots.

Leaving your skin cleaner and radiant.


Powerbright Treatment Pigmentation, Dull Uneven Skin (60mins) Rs. 3000


Delivers dramatic results, accelerates brightening, improves skin tone and enhances skin clarity while treating hyperpigmentation for a luminous skin. Intense moisturization reduces fine dry lines, improves barrier protection, nourishes skin and shields against further environmental damage.


Agesmart Treatment Ageing (60mins) Rs. 3000


Are the signs of skin ageing becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing boost with this treatment, which works on improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, and appearance of fine lines, whilst brightening the skin tone.


Medicbac Treatment Acne, Breakouts & Congested Skin (60mins) Rs. 2500


Bring the contributing factors of acne under control! This powerful treatment purifies and clears acne, calms sebum redness, reduces the appearance of blemishes associated with acne without drying the skin.








Ultracalming Treatment Sensitive Skin (60mins) Rs. 2500


Sooth away redness irritation and inflammation, with this powerful calming treatment. The active ingredients, dramatically reduces all sensitization, appearance of fine lines and dehydration leaving the skin with a smooth and uniform texture.


Men’s Skin Fitness Treatment (60mins) Rs. 2500


This rapid treatment deep cleanses repairs and calms while tackling all your shave related skin issue. Get skin and shaving tips together with great looking skin in just a snap.


Intensive Brightening Treatment (60mins) Rs. 4000

This highly potent specialized skin treatment accelerates skin brightening, improves texture and balances skin tone. Our unique combination of advanced exfoliation, penetration technology, active peptides and brightening botanicalingredients work to treat and control hyper pigmentation at its

core. Leaving the skin feelingsmoother and looking brighter, luminous with an even tone.


Intensive Anti – Ageing (60mins) Rs. 4000


A bespoke powerful treatment is designed to target signs of skin ageing, with powerful active ingredients. The warming benefits during the treatment increases product penetration, providing isible and rapid results. The treatment uses power-packed exfoliants which worksnaturally with the skin for optimumre-texturing. The active serum sand gels provide intensified hydration, rejuvenation whilst strengthening the skin. Your skin will look and feel dramatically firmer and healthy.


Intensive Acne Treatment (60mins) Rs. 4000


A targeted dynamic treatment provides rapid solution for oily, congested, acne prone skin.

Power-packed products with active ingredients provides deep purifying action to treat and heal

the breakouts instantly. Powerful skin exfoliants promotes skin regeneration and reduces the

congestion, whilst the serums and the cooling masque calms inflammation caused by acne

breakouts. The skin is left looking and feeling dramatically improved, refreshed and healthy.


BBLUNT Signature Pedicure (90 mins) Rs. 1500


BBLUNT Signature Manicure (90 mins) Rs. 1300


An enchanting therapy dedicated to feeding your hands and feet with the nourishment it creates. Blending exclusive ingredients with cotemporary therapies, this signature treatment combines the power of touch and heat, customized for your skin to achieve magical results. Ideal for treating pigmented and aging skin.


Classic Pedicure (45 mins) Rs. 850

Re-shape, re-buff & re-varnish with foot soak, push back cuticle, exfoliation and mini massage.


Classic Manicure (45 mins) Rs. 750

Re-shape, re-buff & re-varnish with hand soak, push back cuticle, exfoliation and mini massage.


Wax Works! (15 mins) Rs. 300

Add this luxurious paraffin wax treatment to any of our manicure and pedicure services and

relieve your tired – aching hands and feet, leaving them feeling not only soft and moisturized but also intensely rejuvenated.


Gel Nails Extensions (120 mins) Rs. 3000

(Wherever available)



French Gel Polish (40 mins) Rs. 1600


Gel Polish Removal (30 mins) Rs. 500


Gel Polish can be removed without damaging your nails, preparing them for new application.


Gel Nail Polish (40 mins) Rs. 1500


This unique gel in a bottle is applied like a polish with the durable strength of a gel which lasts for

days without chipping, peeling or fading & is easily removed in minutes.


Get Nailed (20 mins)

Re-shape, re-buff & re-varnish. Rs. 350


French Polish (20 mins) Rs. 300


Happy Feet (30 mins) Rs. 500


Happy Feet (60 mins) Rs. 950


An aromatic rejuvenating foot massage, combining oriental pressure & western kneading making it a unique therapeutic massage.


Head Rush (30 mins) Rs. 600


An intense head massage, dry or with oil that will leave you relaxed & rejuvenated.


 WAXING (RICA)  (Wherever available)

Waxing Women Men
Full Face Rs. 650
Forehead Rs. 225
Burns Rs. 225
Upper Lip & Chin Rs. 225
Upper Lip Rs. 180
Chin Rs. 225
Full Body Rs. 3800
Full Front / Back Rs. 1000 Rs. 1250
Half Front / Back Rs. 675
Chest & Abdomen Rs. 1800
Bikini Rs. 650
Under Arms Rs. 300 Rs. 550
Stomach Rs. 675
Full Arms Rs. 700 Rs. 1000
Half Arms Rs. 500 Rs. 750
Brazilian Rs. 1800
Full Legs Rs. 900
Half Legs Rs. 675 Rs. 1000
Hair Removal Where available

Waxing (Honey Bee)

Waxing Women Men
Full Face Rs. 400
Forehead Rs. 125
Burns Rs. 125
Upper Lip & Chin Rs. 150
Upper Lip Rs. 100
Chin Rs. 125
Full Body Rs. 2400
Full Front / Back Rs. 650 Rs. 800
Half Front / Back Rs. 450
Chest & Abdomen Rs.1150
Bikini Rs. 450
Under Arms Rs. 200 Rs. 350
Stomach Rs. 450
Full Arms Rs. 450 Rs. 650
Half Arms Rs. 325 Rs. 500
Brazilian Rs. 1150
Full Legs Rs. 550
Half Legs Rs. 450 Rs. 650


Full Face Rs. 500
Burns Rs. 120
Forehead Rs. 120
Eyebrow Shaping Rs. 120
Upper Lip Rs. 80
Chin Rs. 80


Face & Neck Rs. 550
Upper Lip Rs. 130
Chin Rs. 130
Full Body Rs. 3000
Full Front Rs. 800
Half Front Rs. 550
Full Back Rs. 800
Half Back Rs. 550
Full Arms Rs. 675
Half Arms Rs. 550
Underarms Rs. 300
Stomach Rs. 650
Full Legs Rs. 900
Half Legs Rs. 700
Feet Rs. 400

*Price is inclusive of consultation & taxes.



Natural Glam from 2000

Evening Glam from 4000

Bridal Packages -Where Available

Bridal from Rs. 15000
Groom from Rs. 5000
Friends & Family from Rs. 7000

(Includes Hair, Make-up & Re-Varnish)

*Hair & make-up trial available for Bride only with a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable. Advance at the time of booking.

*For out of town venues prices customized on consultation.

*A 100% non-refundable, non-adjustable, advance to be paid at the time of booking pre-bridal packages.

*Packages are non-transferable. The appointment should be made well in advance on consultation with the respective technician.

*All prices inclusive of consultation & taxes as applicable.

Kindly speak to your stylist for more details or customize your Pre-Bridal Package post consultation.


  • Prices effective from May 2018
  • Applicable across all BBLUNT Salons in India
  • Prices are subject to change without any prior notice
  • It is recommended to book your appointments in advance to avail of your preferred stylist and/or therapists’


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