Are You Hungry For Inspiration But Short On Time?

BBLUNT’s latest education innovation aims to give the modern professional stylist what they are hungering for. Our latest salon styles and trends boiled down into a 2-day format, so you can get the most bangs for your buck and not have to bunk on work to get it! This flexible format is designed to show you how we have used our collections as the inspiration and starting point for what we are doing in our salons this season.

2:DS.1 Salon Style

Incorporates our latest cutting and styling techniques and trends for both men and women with salon friendly colour techniques. So get your clients excited about adding some fun into their hair.

2:DS.2 Dress-Up

Jump on the hair-up train! Whether your clients are getting married or just out for a glam party, hair-up is now a huge part of salon business. Spend 2 days with the best in the industry learning how to build your styles so you can build your business. Incorporates seasonal hair-up styles and classic techniques.

Student Profile

2:DS – 1: Best suited for qualified hair professionals with one year or more active experience on the salon floor.

2:DS – 2: Recommended for any hairdresser or make-up artist who wants to make the most of the booming wedding industry or forge a path in the shoot business.


Demonstration, Theory, and Practical


BBLUNT Certificate of Participation


2 Days – Monday & Tuesday
Timings: 10am to 6pm


Check the academy calendar link or visit any of our academies for the latest schedule information.

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