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  • NOURISH AND HYDRATE: The BBLUNT Curly Defining Leave-in Cream nourished the hair and enhances curls to make them defined, soft and moisturized while combating frizz
  • WITH VITAMIN E AND ANTIOXIDANTS: It is enriched with UV protection properties and prevents damage from pollution and heat styling
  • NO SULPHATE, NO PARABEN: The curl defining leave-in cream contains no sulphate, no paraben and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • ENRICHED WITH: It is enhanced with the hydrating goodness of Coconut water and Jojoba oil that acts as a natural moisturizer & works on the curls from within and adds shine
  • For best results, follow the full 4-step regime - Use it with the BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre-Poo, BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo & BBLUNT Curly Hair Conditioner

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Let’s make it clear, curly hair has its own unique charm; for starters, it looks voluminous and can woo others with its beautiful texture. But the picture isn’t all black and white as managing curls can turn out to be quite a task. Unlike straight hair, wherein the natural oils get distributed easily, curls have a more difficult journey and can easily become dry and fragile. But with nourishing hair care products like the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream, you can easily tame your curly hair woes in no time.

Curly Hair Leave-In Cream

Looking for ways to flaunt well-defined curls? Say no more! The BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Curl Cream is here to save the day. It adds an incredible definition to your locks whilst moisturising and nourishing it. All thanks to the potent ingredients within, your curls get that power to battle frizziness with ease. Sounds like a dream, right? Hold up, there's more. This curl cream is free of parabens and sulphate. So, no more worrying about damaging your hair with harmful ingredients. To top it off, the formula within this curl-defining cream is specially created for the Indian hair type. This means you can easily counter all pollution and water damage in a simple stroke! Last but not the least, it also has the power to combat heat styling damage. Seems too good to be true, right? So, why don’t you give it a whirl for yourself?
BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-In Cream 150g - Price Rs.600/-

What Is A Curl Defining Cream?

A curl defining cream is a saviour for all curly hair woes. It works as a moisturizing cream that hydrates and nourishes your hair strands. But more importantly, a curl cream delivers a defined look to your beautiful curls by eliminating frizziness and giving it an even texture.

Ingredients In BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream

The BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream brings the goodness of two key ingredients: Coconut Water and Jojoba Oil. These ingredients work in tandem to nourish your curly hair and make them look defined.
  • Coconut Water: Known as a hydrating agent, helps keep your hair nourished and prevents it from breaking. This makes your hair much easier to manage.
  • Jojoba Oil Known to be a natural moisturizer, adds shine and nourishment.

Steps To Use The BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-In Cream

  • Step 1:

    Take a coin-sized amount of this cream in your palm.
  • Step 2:

    Flip your hair upside down.
  • Step 3:

    Apply it evenly on damp hair.
  • Step 4:

    Give your hair a scrunch, and blow dry using a diffuser for maximum effect.
Product Price USP Hair Type Paraben And Sulphate-Free
Curly Hair Leave-In Cream - 150g Rs.600/- Defines curls, controls frizz, protects from environmental and heat styling damage Fine, medium and thick curls Yes

How To Choose Hair Products For Curly Hair?

Say no to parabens, sulphates, and silicone-based shampoos and conditioners. They tend to strip away the hair’s natural oils and leave you with a dry scalp. Look for ingredients that would add protein to your curls such as oat, quinoa, soy, wheat, or corn.

Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair

Managing those luscious curls can seem like a daunting task, but you can easily ace the game with these hair care tips at hand.
  • Tip 1: Space out your shampooing days: Shampooing your hair on a regular basis tends to strip away the natural oils present in the scalp. This can lead to dry and unruly curls. Hence, it becomes prudent to space out your shampooing days. You can opt for a dry shampoo on days when your hair feels greasy and lifeless.
  • Tip 2: Deep conditioning is the key:
    Your curly hair is always in search of moisture. Deep conditioning helps fulfil its needs and deliver manageable curls.
  • Tip 3: Avoid hot water:
    Hot water takes away the natural oil and leaves your hair dry and frizzy. Moreover, the heat opens up the hair cuticles, leading to hair breakage. So, it’s best to wash your curly hair with cold water.
  • Tip 4: Use a wide-tooth comb:
    Detangle your ends with a wide-tooth comb and work your way up to the roots. You can even run your fingers through the hair to ensure less breakage.
  • Tip 5: Use a curl cream:
    A curl leave-in cream helps retain the moisture in your hair. It also refreshes and defines your curls, leaving them manageable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream suitable for coloured hair?
    Yes, the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream is suitable for coloured hair.
  • How do you calm frizzy, curly hair?
    You can calm your frizzy curls by using anti-frizz products like the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Spray and the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-In Cream.
  • How do I make my curly hair more defined?
    Use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-In Cream to add definition to your curly hair.
  • Is this product for both men and women?
    Yes, this product is for both men and women.

BBLUNT Professional Care

Pair your BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream with the BBLUNT range of shampoos and conditioners for enhanced hair benefits. The range offers different variants such as Repair Remedy, Intense Moisture, Full On Volume, Born Again, and Perfect Balance. Each of the variants is formulated to tackle different hair concerns for different hair types. Depending on your hair type, you can buy the right products by logging onto
Not just that, you can explore our ingredient based hair care and hair styling products, too! Scour through the goodness of Glycerin, Keratin , Provitamin B5, and Vitamin E present in selected hair care products. So, what are you waiting for? Let flawless curls roll in!
Happy and healthy curls are now just a click away!

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Curly Hair Leave in Cream 150g
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