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  • HYDRATE AND NOURISH: BBLUNT Curly Hair shampoo nourishes all types of Curly hair & reduces the frizz
  • ENRICHED WITH: It contains Jojoba oil which acts as a natural moisturizer that works on the curls from within to add shine and is enhanced with the hydrating goodness of Coconut water
  • NO SULPHATE, NO PARABEN: The shampoo for curly hair contains no sulphate, no paraben and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • SPECIALLY CREATED FOR INDIAN HAIR: It is specially created for all types, textures and lengths of Indian hair to defend against hard water and pollution
  • WITH VITAMIN E AND ANTIOXIDANTS: It is enriched with UV protection properties and prevents damage from pollution and heat styling
  • The BBLUNT Curly Hair shampoo product is salon tested and stylist approved
  • For best result follow the full 4-step regime by using it with the BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre-Poo, BBLUNT Curly Hair Conditioner & BBLUNT Curly Hair Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

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Why buy this products:

  • A nourishing and moisturising shampoo for curls that cleanses your scalp with ease
  • Enriched with the goodness of coconut water and jojoba oil
  • Comes in an easy-to-use, mess-free, pump bottle.
  • Free of parabens and sulphates
  • Specially created for Indian Hair, weather, and water
  • Developed and rigorously tested on BBLUNT Salon floors

Can’t seem to find a solution for the frizzy cloud over your head? Well, BBLUNT has got your back! Presenting the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo - the perfect quench for your parched curls.

Enriched with potent ingredients, this sulphate-free shampoo for curly hair is truly a winner! For starters, it gently cleanses your scalp and moisturises it, whilst battling the frizz factor. By using this curl shampoo, you can easily bid adieu to dry and lifeless locks in just a few days. To top it off, this shampoo for frizzy curly hair contains a colour protect formula. All of which makes it the best Indian shampoo for curly hair.

BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo (200ml) - Price Rs. 399/-

Features Of The BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo

  • Cleanses:

    The gentle cleansers within this BBLUNT shampoo for curly hair helps in cleansing the scalp without causing any irritation.

  • Moisturises:

    While cleansing the BBLUNT Curl Shampoo packs a punch of moisture within your scalp.

  • Reduces frizz:

    As the dryness factor is taken care of, this curl shampoo combats frizziness with ease.

Ingredients In BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo

  • Coconut Water:

    Contains hydrating and nourishing properties

  • Jojoba oil:

    Works as an excellent natural moisturiser

Steps To Use The BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo

  • Step 1 -

    Wet your hair thoroughly.

  • Step 2 -

    Take an adequate amount of the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo and apply it evenly on your scalp.

  • Step 3 -

    Using the tips of your fingers, gently work the product into your roots. You don't need to shampoo the tips of your hair.

  • Step 4 -

    Rinse off

How To Take Care Of Curly Hair?

  • Pick Your Shampoo Wisely:

    Curly hair is super fragile in nature. Thus, you need to use a curl shampoo that is gentle and fulfils its core needs i.e, moisture and de-frizz.

  • Opt For Pre Shampoo Treatments:

    Pre poos are the best curly hair products to combat the frizz and the detangling battle.

  • Avoid Over Washing Your Hair:

    Excessive shampooing can strip the natural oils and lead to dry, lifeless, frizzy curls. Hence, wash your curls only once or twice a week.

Flaunting frizz-free, beautiful curls is now a reality! Hurry up! Go and buy the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo online, now!

BBLUNT Professional Care

For best results, pair your BBLUNT Curl Shampoo with the BBLUNT’s range of other curly hair products. This includes Curly Hair Conditioner, Pre Poo and Leave-in Cream. While you are at it, scour through the best hairstyling and hair care products for different hair types.

Happy and healthy hair is now just a click away!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the shelf life of the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo?

    The shelf life of the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo is 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

  2. Can I use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo with other hair products?

    Yes, you can use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo with other hair products formulated by the house of BBLUNT.

  3. Can I use it on colour-treated hair?

    Yes, you can use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo on colour-treated hair as it contains a unique colour-protect formula. It safeguards your colour from fading away.

  4. Can I use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo every day?

    No, you shouldn’t use the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo every day. As per experts, one should use shampoo only once or twice a week. This helps in maintaining the essential natural oils on your scalp.

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Curly Hair Shampoo 200ml
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