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  • Styling gel with great gloss and natural fullness
  • Provides protection and reinforcement against pollutants and adverse Indian weather
  • Hydra Gel is proven to lock in the moisture for up to 12 hours
  • Specially created for Indian hair
  • Specially created for Indian hair with a unique colour protect formula

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Can’t deal with multiple hair-styling products ? Then this BBLUNT hair gel can be your saving grace! For starters, it will change your hair by giving it a great gloss and a natural fullness. Moreover, it will add just the right amount of hold to your hair without weighing it down. Be it slicked-back hair for a date night or spikes for a fun boy’s night, the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Hair Gel can help you achieve it all, in style! So, what’s keeping you? Log on to and buy this BBLUNT hair gel for men.

Features of the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Hair Gel

  • Locks in the moisture for up to 12 hours:

    Unlike other hair gels, the BBLUNT hair gel adds moisture to your hair, protecting them from drying out or becoming rough.
  • Provides a natural hold:

    The BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Hair Gel doesn’t weigh down your hair and also provides a natural hold to it.
  • Specially created for Indian hair:

    Pollution and hard water are common problems in India. This BBLUNT hair gel ticks the right boxes and protects your hair from these hair-damaging elements.
  • Contains a unique colour-protect formula:

    The BBLUNT Natural Hold Hair Gel is formulated with a colour-protect formula that doesn’t affect your hair colour and gives your hair the perfect hold.

What is hair gel?

A hair gel is a styling product that adds a firm hold to your hair and gives it a structure. It can lock styled hair and keep it intact for all day long! Now, you can create unlimited hairstyles without worrying about your hair becoming sticky or flat.

Hair gel

Hair wax

Hair gel should be applied on damp hair Hair wax should be applied on dry hair
Hair gel is thinner in consistency and gives a rock-solid hold to your hair Hair wax is thicker in consistency and is more matte than shiny
Hair gel is best for thick, curly, or coarsely textured hair. Hair wax is best for normal to oily hair.

How to apply the BBLUNT Gel Oh! Natural Hold Hair Gel

  • Step 1:

    Apply evenly on damp, towel-dried hair.
  • Step 2:

    Take a coin size amount into your palm.
  • Step 3:

    Use your fingertips to create the desired hairstyle.
  • Step 4:

    Blow dry your hair for that extra sleek shape.

Styling Tips using a Hair Gel

  • Always wet your hair:

    Hair gel works best on wet hair, Hence, remember to dampen your hair before styling it.
  • Blow-dry:

    Blow drying activates the hair gel and gives your hair a perfect hold that lasts longer.
  • Use the right brush:

    Hairbrushes play a huge role in shaping your hair. It aids the styling process and enables you to create innumerable hairstyles with ease.
  • Finish it off with a cool air blast:

    Once you are done styling, switch your blow dryer to the cool setting. This will lock your hairstyle and ensure that it doesn’t budge.

BBLUNT Hair Gel Buzzing Hairstyles To Try-Out

  • Classic Slicked-Back:

    Go simple yet classy! Be a gentleman in the night or a dapper employee in the day, you just cannot go wrong with this look.
  • Mohawk:

    Give your hair the edgy look it deserves! Style some spikes using this BBLUNT hair gel and simply rock the town!
  • Front Flip:

    Try out the front flip hairstyle using the BBLUNT hair gel. This is the good guy hairstyle that will surely steal many hearts.
  • Modern Pompadour:

    Give your own twist to the 50's pompadour hairstyle. It is another classic that can be styled in just a few minutes using the BBLUNT hair gel.
If maximum hold for your hair is something that you are looking for then know more about guar gum based fibre paste for hair. Check out other hair products to buy online.


  1. Is hair gel good for hair?

    Yes, hair gel is good for the hair.
  2. Can I use hair gel every day?

    Yes, you can use hair gel every day.
  3. Does applying gel make the hair white?

    No, applying gel doesn’t make your hair white.
  4. Does gel grow hair?

    No, gels do not aid in hair growth.
  5. Is gel bad for black hair?

    No, gels aren’t bad for black hair.
  6. Can hair gel cause hair fall?

    No, hair gel can’t cause hair fall.

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Gel Oh! Natural Hold Gel 150ml
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