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  • INSTANT SHINE AND GLOSS: Hot Shot Hair Finish Spray add a shiny, glossy finish to dull-looking hair and delivers a radiant, salon-like gloss
  • ENRICHED WITH: Its exclusive silicone formula not only delivers a radiant, salon-like sheen but also adds luminosity to the hair
  • NO SULPHATES, NO PARABENS: It is free from harmful chemicals like Suphates and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • SPECIALLY CREATED FOR INDIAN HAIR: The Finish Spray is specially created for all types of Indian hair, textures, and lengths to defend against hard water and pollution and is salon tested & stylist approved
  • This spray is best paired with Hot Shot Heat Protectant Mist and Hot Shot Hold Spray
Don’t you love that feeling when you’re walking out of a salon with glossy, shiny hair? But as soon as water touches your salon-styled locks, this effect is washed away. Sigh! But what if we told you that you can flaunt shiny hair every single day! Yes, you heard it right! Drumroll, please!
Presenting the BBLUNT Hot Shot Finish Spray! This is a magnificent hair shine spray that coats your strands with a radiant shine and makes you feel like a princess who belongs in a movie. It is developed, tried, and tested by salon experts. Basically, this hair shine finishing spray contains all the secrets to keep your mane shiny. Unlike other hair polishing products that make your hair flat, this finishing spray delivers a natural, scintillating shine.
The exclusive silicone formula within this hair finishing spray not only adds luminosity to your hair but also delivers a radiant, salon-like sheen. You could call it a magical concoction as it grants your wishes and turns dull, lacklustre hair into luminous, healthy tresses, all in just a few spritzes. Its hassle-free, easy-to-use feature makes it one of the best finishing sprays for hair in a can. It is suitable for all hair types and is completely sulphate-free. So, whether it’s an invite to a party, a wedding, or date night, you can wear shiny hair, any day and everyday!

Uses Of BBLUNT Hot Shot Finish Spray

  • Adds Shine: This hair finish spray adds a new charm to your hairdo with its unique shine. The molecules within the hair finishing spray settle over each strand evenly. Once dried, you are blessed with a beautiful, natural shine.
  • Adds A Glossy Finish: As the name suggests, the formula within a hair finishing spray helps add a glossy finish to your hair. This means you don’t have to worry about your hair looking limp or tacky.

What Causes Hair To Lose Its Shine?

Multiple factors come at play to dull down your hair’s shine. Here are three factors that can cause major damage.
  • Environmental Factors: Dust, pollution, and UV rays are the worst enemies of shiny hair. The first two camouflages your hair’s shine with dirt and dust while the latter one zaps out the moisture, thereby leaving you with dull hair.
  • Harsh Cleansing Agents: Harsh chemicals tend to steal away the moisture present in your scalp. Once the moisture is lost, it’s an open invitation for dull and lifeless hair.
  • Over-washing: Excessive shampooing can strip out the moisture from your scalp, leading to dull-looking hair.

Hair Finish Spray Hair Serum Dry Shampoo
Hair finish sprays such as the BBLUNT Hot Shot Hair Finish Spray add a shiny, glossy finish to dull-looking hair. Hair serums such as the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Serum add moisture to your hair and keep frizziness at bay. Dry shampoos such as the BBLUNT Back To Life Dry Shampoo refresh your hair by soaking grease and camouflaging the dirt.
A hair finish spray is a hair styling product that is used to add a finishing touch to your hairdo/look. A hair serum is a hair styling product for women that is used on damp hair. Dry shampoo is a haircare product that is applied on the second or third day of your hair wash.
It can be used on all hair types. It can be used on all hair types, but works best on dry and frizzy hair. It can be used on all hair types, but works best on oily scalp.

How To Use

Step 1: Shake the can well.
Step 2: Hold the can in an upright position, 12 inches away from the hair.
Step 3: Spritz across the length of your hair. The micro diffusion spray will distribute the mist evenly over your tresses.


If you want to be in the limelight, then it’s time for your hair to shine bright like a diamond. Don’t waste any more time worrying about dull hair. Simply head to the BBLUNT e-store and get your hands on the best hair products online, now!
Happy and shiny hair is now just a click away!


What does a shine spray do for the hair?
A shine spray makes your hair look shiny and adds a glossy finish to it.
How do I get my hair really shiny?
You should use a hair shine finishing spray like the BBLUNT Hot Shot Finish Spray. It will coat your hair strands with a luminous shine.
Why is my hair no longer shiny?
From internal stressors, like improper diet, vitamin deficiency, etc., to external stressors, like UV rays, heat styling, etc., all these factors can steal the lustrous shine from your hair.
Can I use this with other hair creams?
Yes, you can use it with other hair creams.
Can this be used as a hair setting spray?
No, it cannot be used as a hair setting spray.
How is it different from a hair serum?
A hair finish spray adds shine to your hair, whereas a hair serum protects your hair fibre from external damage.
How to make my hair naturally lustrous?
Use DIY hair masks to make your hair naturally lustrous. Here’s a recipe:
  1. In a bowl, either crack one egg and whisk it. Alternatively, you can also mash one avocado.
  2. Apply the mix to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

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Hot Shot Finish Spray 200ml
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