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  • FIRM HOLD: Hot Shot Hold Spray is a hair-setting spray that gives you the freedom to flaunt your gorgeous hairstyles all day and night long! The Salon-strength spray will help you fix your hairstyle firmly in place
  • ENRICHED WITH: It is enriched with fixatives that delivers firm & flexible hold yet leaves no residue
  • SPECIALLY CREATED FOR INDIAN HAIR: The Hold Spray Spray is specially created for all types of Indian hair, textures and lengths to defend against hard water and pollution and is salon tested & stylist approved
  • This spray is best paired with Hot Shot Heat Protectant Mist and Hot Shot Finish Spray
After scouring endlessly through hundreds of websites looking for the perfect party hairstyles, you finally found a scintillating one that you planned to recreate. But once you sashayed into the party, it didn’t take long for your magnificent hairdo to go from fab to drab. All your efforts just vanish with the whiff of the wind. Sound familiar? Well, not anymore! We are here to turn your frown upside down with the BBLUNT Hot Shot Hold Spray.
The BBLUNT Hot Shot Hold Spray is a revolutionary hair setting spray that brings salon-like perfect hold at the comfort of your home. Believe it or not, but this hair setting spray for women is literally a genie in a bottle. It is a salon-developed and approved hair styling product geared to keep your hairstyle intact. This strong hair hold spray is enriched with fixatives that leave you with perfectly styled hair. What makes it an instant favourite is that it provides a strong hold without leaving behind any residue.
The list doesn’t end here! This strong hair hold spray also tames your flyaways. Now, you can flaunt natural-looking hairstyles with this hair fixing spray round the clock. Not just that, this hold spray is specially made to suit all Indian hair types of any length and is sulphate-free too. By all means, this hair hold spray is a saving grace for every woman who wishes to flaunt salon-like mesmerizing hairdos all day, everyday!

What Is A Hair Hold Spray?

As the name suggests, a hair hold spray keeps your hair strands in place. It gives a finishing touch to your hair by locking the product in. It is undoubtedly the best women’s hair styling product for to end your morning routine with. Unlike other hair fixing sprays that make your hair look crunchy, a hair hold spray gives you a natural-looking hairstyle. Now, you can ace all hairstyles with a hair hold spray!
  • Delivers a superior hold: A hair holding spray locks your hairstyle and gives it a strong, natural hold. So, no matter how many times you swing your hair while dancing, this spray will keep your gorgeous hairstyle intact.
  • Tames frizzy hair: If you are dealing with baby hair, then a hair holding spray can be your ultimate saviour. It will not only tame your baby hair and frizzy hair, but also will make sure that they won’t rise until your next shampoo.
Hair Hold Spray Hair Shine Spray
A hair hold spray is a hair setting spray that gives you the freedom to flaunt your gorgeous hairstyles all day and night long! A hair shine spray adds instant lustre and sheen to your hair.
A hair hold spray tames your flyaways. A hair shine spray makes hair smooth and glossy.
It can be used on all hairstyles It can be used on specific hairstyles that demand a unique shine.

How To Use

Step 1: Shake the can well.
Step 2: Hold the can in an upright position, 12 inches away from the hair.
Step 3: Spritz across the length of your hair. The micro diffusion spray will distribute the mist evenly over your tresses.
Now, you too can flaunt salon-like gorgeous hairstyles from the comfort of your home. Don’t wait around, head to the BBLUNT e-store and grab the BBLUNT Hot Shot Hold Spray, the best hair holding spray on the block, today. Likewise, to get salon-like, gorgeous-looking hair, don’t forget to pair this spray with BBLUNT’s range of professional haircare and styling products.
Happy and perfectly styled hair is now a click away!


What is fixing spray for hair?
A hair fixing spray helps secure your hair strands, locking your hairstyle in place. Overall, it helps keep your hairstyle intact throughout the day.
How bad are hair hold sprays?
A hair hold spray isn’t bad for your hair unless you don’t use it in moderation. However, you need to cleanse your hair once or twice a week, or the product build-up will damage your hair.
Can we use hair spray daily?
Yes, you can use hair spray daily as long as you use it in moderation.
Do your hair need a spray?
If you tend to have frizzy or baby hair, then you will need a hair spray. Likewise, if you wish to flaunt your hairstyle for a longer period, then a hairspray can do the trick.
How can I set my hair naturally?
Small quantity of olive oil is known to give your hair shine, body, and softness. You can try using it to set your hair naturally
What can I use instead of a hair spray?
You can use a dry shampoo, hair gel, or pomade instead of a hair spray.
What is the difference between hair hold spray and finishing spray?
A hair hold spray helps lock your hairstyle in place, whereas a finishing spray intensifies your hair’s luminosity and boosts the shine.
Which spray is used for straightening hair?
The BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protecting Mist is used to straighten hair.

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Hot Shot Hold Spray 300ml
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