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  • DETANGLE AND NOURISH: Nourish, moisturize and detangle all types of curly hair to minimize breakage and combat frizz
  • NO SULPHATE, NO PARABEN: The pree-poo contains no sulphate, no paraben and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • SPECIALLY CREATED FOR INDIAN HAIR: It is specially created for all types, textures and lengths of Indian hair to defend against hard water and pollution. The curly hair pre-poo product is salon tested and stylist approved
  • ENRICHED WITH: It is enhanced with the hydrating goodness of Coconut water and aloe vera that adds moisture and works brilliantly in combination with Coconut water
  • WITH VITAMIN E AND ANTIOXIDANTS: It is enriched with UV protection properties and prevents damage from pollution and heat styling
  • For best results, follow the full 4-step regime - Use it with the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo, BBLUNT Curly Hair Conditioner & BBLUNT Curly Hair Curl Defining Leave-In Cream

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Why buy this product?
  • A moisturising and nourishing pre poo which detangles your curls with ease and minimizes hair breakage
  • Enriched with the goodness of coconut water and aloe vera
  • Comes in an easy-to-use, mess-free, pump bottle
  • Free of parabens and sulphates
  • Specially created for Indian Hair, weather, and water
  • Developed and rigorously tested on BBLUNT Salon floors

Does detangling your curls feel like a workout? Um, it’s time to make the BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre Poo your new trainer! For starters, this pre poo for curly hair moisturises and prevents your curls from breaking. The moisture factor not only helps in keeping frizz away but at the same time aids the detangling process. Not just that, the paraben and sulphate-free formulation safeguard your curls from any kind of harsh damage. So, If you see, this pre poo for curly hair is the real deal!
BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre Poo (150 g) - Price Rs. 500/-
What is Pre Poo For Curly Hair?
Pre-poo is a term that is used by hair experts to define a pre-shampoo treatment. So, a pre-poo meaning is to use hair products before your shampooing session. It is usually applied on dry hair and washed with mild curly hair shampoo, followed by a curly hair conditioner.
Benefits Of The BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre Poo
  • Detangles Your Curls:

    The moisturising ingredients within this pre poo helps in providing a slippery base that aids the detangling process.

  • Minimizes Breakage:

    As the detangling process is taken care of with ease, it results in minimal hair fall.

How To Pre Poo?
  • Step 1- Section: The goal is to apply the product on every strand of your hair. So, start by sectioning your hair into smaller sub-sections. Apply the pre-poo on the hair strands, from the roots to the ends.
  • Step 2- Detangle:
    Take a wide-tooth comb and detangle your hair. This pre-poo step for curly hair will help you later after your hair wash session.
  • Step 3- Let it soak:
    Once you detangle your hair, keep it on for 30-40 minutes.
  • Step 4- Rinse:
    Wash off the pre-poo with a mild, moisturizing shampoo and curly hair conditioner.

Curly Hair Care Routine Using The BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre Poo
  • Step 1
    Start by applying a pre-poo treatment like the BBLUNT Curly Hair Pre Poo on your dry curls.
  • Step 2
    Next, rinse it off with the best shampoo for curly hair like the BBLUNT Curly Hair Shampoo and condition with the BBLUNT Curly Hair Conditioner .
  • Step 3
    Towel dry your hair and apply a good amount of the BBLUNT Curly Hair Leave-in Cream
  • Step 4
    Style your hair as desired. Use a hair setting spray like the BBLUNT Hot Shot Spray to keep your hairstyle in place for hours.

BBLUNT Professional Care
For best results, pair your BBLUNT Pre Poo with the BBLUNT’s range of other curly hair products. This includes Curly Hair Shampoo, Curly Hair Conditioner and Curly Hair Leave-in Cream. Likewise, you can scour through the range of hairstyling products and other hair care products made for your hair type. Happy and healthy hair is now just a click away!

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Curly Hair Pre Poo 150g
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